A panel of recruiters talk with IU students at a Career Development Center career event.


How to Work With Us

Call or email as soon as you’re ready to connect. One of our Employer Relations (ER) team members will get to work on creating your customized recruitment plan right away.

Ask for the Employer Relations team when you reach out »

See below three ways we regularly collaborate with local and nonprofit employers.


If you have a part-time or seasonal job opening that you’re ready to fill right now, you can post it to myJobs—our online job board.

myJobs will allow you to:

  • Post part-time or seasonal work
  • Browse student resumes
  • Register for job fairs
  • Schedule information sessions and on-campus interviews

Create your myJobs account now, or log in »


One of the most valuable ways to build brand equity on campus is to provide your expertise to the IU community. As one of our local experts, you’ll be able to:

  • Participate as an event speaker or panelist
  • Serve as an employer-in-residence and conduct mock interviews, critique resumes, and meet one-on-one with students
  • Lead workshops on career-specific topics
  • Participate in The Hoosier Externship Program
  • Create customized events built around your organizational needs


There may be an opportunity for you to sit on our employer advisory board, which meets once every semester. Board members come from government, corporate, and nonprofit backgrounds.

Members are asked to evaluate how we’re doing as an office, and lend recommendations on how to better serve organizations like yours.

We also ask that they share trends and themes on how they’re currently hiring so that we can better prepare our IU students for today and tomorrow’s job market.

Other opportunities to give include in-kind donations, such as supplies and gift cards. Some employers are interested in establishing grants and scholarships, while others enjoy sponsoring events.