Internships are the most comprehensive and prestigious form of experiential learning. And they’re great for making career decisions. In many organizations, interns are vital contributors to day-to-day business. You’ll be given a variety of responsibilities to hone your technical and transferable skills, and you’ll probably know within a matter of weeks if you’re enjoying the work—or if you need to rethink your career plans.

Consider the following statistics, which come from the National Association of Colleges & Employers:

  • 58% of interns will be converted into full-time hires with their internship employers
  • Intern-to-full-time conversions are expected to increase almost 10% in 2014
  • 61% of interns received full-time job offers after their internship experience
  • More than 40% of new college hires come directly from an employer’s internship pool

Having an internship gives you an incredible advantage when it comes time to finding full-time work. So start your search for internships as early as your freshman year. It’s a great way to break into tough industries, and an even better way to start making professional contacts.

Your career advisor can help!

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