Working With Students

Be an IU career advocate. Encourage students to visit our office early in their academic careers. It’s the best way to get students started down a meaningful and fulfilling career path.

If you are approached for direct career advice from a student, here are two hands-on ways you can get involved with their career exploration and planning.

IU Career Guides

Our comprehensive IU Career Guides enable students to explore 24 different career paths at a high-level view. Each guide then breaks career exploration within that field into four basic steps:

  1. Learn About the Field
  2. Meet People
  3. Get Experience
  4. Find a Job or Internship

If a student does approach you about career advice, suggest that they print out your industry-specific IU Career Guide and bring it to office hours.

You can look through the guide together, and use the information there to start a conversation. How does your experience align with what’s mentioned? How does it differ? And what additional information can you provide?

Online Resource Library

We’ve created a robust online Resource Library which offers five different categories of career-related information for all of our Hoosiers—including students with disabilities, and adult, international, LGBT, and veteran students.

Take a look around and see what’s there. If a student comes to you with a specific question, you’ll be able to refer them to the library and feel confident that they’ll find what they need.

And remember: you can always refer students to our office for one-on-one career advising!