Your Values

Your values are an important part of who you are. They shape your thoughts, influence your worldview, and help you decide what actions to take.

With the help of the career advisors at the CDC, you can explore your values and find out how they can help guide your career choices.

Getting Started

As you prepare to visit the CDC, use the following questions to help you start thinking about your values.

What's important to you?

Maybe you prize spending time with family above all else. Or maybe financial success is a priority for you. Figuring out what’s most important to you can help you define your values.      

What issues and causes do you care about?

Do you volunteer at a homeless shelter? Donate money for cancer research? Raise awareness about domestic violence? The causes you support with your time, money, and voice say a lot about your values.     

How do you spend extra money and/or time?

Your grandma sends you a big check for your birthday. Do you deposit the money in your savings account, or do you spend it all right away? The decisions you make about your money and your time are good indicators of your values.  

How do you pick your classes each semester?

Do you choose the classes with the most interesting course descriptions, or base your decision on what time a class meets, or how many credit hours it offers? How you make decisions about your classes can give you insight into what’s important to you.   

Ready for the next step? Schedule a visit to the CDC to meet with a career advisor who can help you explore your values

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Eric talks about how his values have played a role in his choice of career.

Your values are just one of the dimensions of self that should guide your career exploration.