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Students often mention how much family influences their career choices and we know that from talking with family members that you’re not always sure what kind of advice you should be offering. What is too much advice? Is this outdated advice? We understand, and we're here to help!

The one piece of advice we often share with parents is to encourage your student to explore their career interests early in their college career with a career coach, so they can get on track fast. We work tirelessly with your student to identify their career interests while holistically discussing their skills, values, and personality.  Once this is solidified, we work to identify and prepare materials for part-time jobs, student organizations, leadership opportunities and internships that will help them achieve their career goals. 

Don’t be afraid to talk to them about what helped shape your career path—even the so-called “mistakes.” And gently remind them that the Career Development Center is here to offer one-on-one career coaching and so much more. 

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The Career Development Center can facilitate a variety of avenues for mentoring Indiana University students, from providing a student with an informational interview to hosting an externship program. Students gain valuable experience, knowledge, and skills by working with professionals and organizations early in their college experience. Mentoring our students starting freshman year allows for early exposure to your business or organization, playing a part in grooming students for success as a contributing intern and employee in the future. In addition to making the transition to employee an easier and more productive experience for everyone involved, mentoring is fun and very fulfilling.

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