Nathan Kong

Nathan Kong

Career Peer


"The One Who Wants to Wear a Crown Must Bear the Weight."

Nathan is a sophomore student coming from Shenzhen, China originally. He is currently doing dual degree majoring in Sociology and Informatics with business. He is passionate with doing voluntary work that was a social worker in 2011 Shenzhen Universiade. He was also the voluntary mentor in Monroe County Public Library. On the other side, Nathan was the student coach in his high school basketball varsity team and now team manager in IU Asian basketball team because he is a big fan especially in basketball and soccer. He likes challenging new things and that's why he chooses to be a career peer advisor not only because wants to try something new but also that wants to help peer students in career direction. During holidays, he likes traveling around the world, such as Japan, Southeast Asia, Canada, and Europe.

Best Career Blunder

Almost lost a bunch of team funds because of the ignorance.

Biggest Challenge

It is really a big challenge for Nathan to move from China to the US by himself and try to get involved in the totally new life.

Lessons Learned

Getting to know more about this world, society, and the people around you.

Education and Certifications

B.S. in Informatics, with Business cognate,
B.A. in Sociology, certificate with Liberal Arts and Management Program