Kyle Estepa

Kyle Estepa

Career Peer


The future is unpredictable, and so should you."

Kyle is a junior undergraduate who comes all the way from San Diego, CA. Originally pursuing a degree at the Kelley School of Business, he instead changed to study informatics after realizing his interests and skills with information technology. Having interned in the restaurant and mortgage industries, Kyle looks forward to working for different companies, exploring the potential each one holds and expanding his expertise in IT. He hopes to utilize his traits and knowledge gathered so far to help point fellow students in the direction they see themselves going. Kyle is an active member in a variety of clubs such as the IU Swim Club, Informatics and Computing Entrepreneurs, Toastmasters, and student news site, The Tab. In his spare time, Kyle enjoys working out, hanging out with friends, and binging YouTube videos, Game of Thrones, House of Cards and anime.

Best Career Blunder

Almost shutting down the company servers at his past internship trying to view all the data in a database.

Biggest Challenge

Moving to Bloomington my freshman year and adjusting my laid back, southern California mindset to the Midwest on my own.

Lessons Learned

Understand the substance, structure, and effect of what you are about to do before jumping straight to it.

Education and Certifications

Informatics major, with a business cognate and minor