Manjari Agrawal

Manjari Agrawal

Graduate Assistant

phone: (812) 856-2882

"Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life."

Manjari has lived in Southern California her whole life: she is originally from Corona, CA and later moved to San Diego for undergrad. During her time at UCSD, she realized her love for working with students and found that helping people is her calling. She was involved in many organizations, but her best experiences are drawn from her time as a Resident Advisor for both first-year students and disadvantaged high school students. Through her involvement throughout the campus, she was able to make connections with her peers, UCSD staff and faculty. Although Manjari graduated with a degree centered around business and economics, she was encouraged and inspired to pursue a career in higher education. Once she was set on graduate school, she knew she would be moving to a different state and is now a first-year graduate student studying Higher Education and Student Affairs. One of the things she is excited about the most is doing what she loves in working with students and finally being able to experience seasons! In her free time you can find her thrift shopping for dresses and flannels, watching sunsets, and going on adventures to see the beauty of Indiana.

Best Career Blunder

I worked a job where I felt more like a sales representative for a call center rather than what I actually was - an admissions counselor for a university.

Biggest Challenge

Having to talk on the phone trying to "sell" our school to a reluctant population of older students, while also focusing on meeting numbers for my supervisor instead of helping the students at hand.

Lessons Learned

My communication skills skyrocketed and I became extremely comfortable talking on the phone to anyone. Also, I realized that I prefer face-to-face interactions with my students and that I could never be happy working in sales.

Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Management Science, Minors in Accounting and Business

University of California, San Diego