Megan Pieczynski

Megan Pieczynski

Front Desk Associate


"Be proud, but never satisfied."

Megan is from Palos Heights, Illinois. She is currently a junior working toward a BS in Business from the Kelley School of Business as a Marketing and Business Analytics major and a minor in Media and Advertising from the Media School. Megan loves being involved in her sorority on campus and eating at her favorite fast food restaurant, Chick-fil-a. After graduation, Megan hopes to be working in Chicago, her favorite city in the world, or traveling through Europe.

Best Career Blunder

While working at a store in high school, I accidentally did the whole transaction as a return on accident (she was returning and buying) and paid her for her purchase. It taught me the importance of attention to detail.

Biggest Challenge

As a perfectionist, I struggle to delegate tasks, even when I know I need help.

Lessons Learned

Everything happens for a reason.

Education and Certifications

Majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics through the Kelley School of Business with a minor in Media and Advertising though the Media School