Renee Palmerone

Renee Palmerone

IUB Women Rising Ambassador


"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." -Lucille Ball​

Renee is originally from a small town in Northern Indiana near West Lafayette called Logansport. However, she much prefers the diversity and more temperate weather in Southern Indiana. When her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in middle school, it inspired her interest in neuroscience and cognitive disorders; after researching various career fields, she decided on Speech and Hearing Science (SPHS). She attended Jeffersonville High School near Louisville, KY and her family still lives there, but Bloomington has become her new home. One notable success involves continuing to maintain her 21st Century academic scholarship program (in addition to the external scholarships she has been awarded from the Business and Professional Women (BPW) of New Albany, IN and other local organizations). Outside of academics, her accomplishments include winning the Spring 2017 Rookie of the Year award from IU Recreational Sports and becoming a resident assistant working for RPS. In her second semester as a sophomore, she trained and ran the 2018 Hoosier Half-Marathon (although it was officially cancelled due to weather) around the city of Bloomington; hopefully she will be able to train to complete a full marathon in the upcoming future. Going into her third year as an IU undergraduate student, she is currently the Vice President for the IU Women's Ultimate Frisbee team and continuing to expand her involvement with IU Clubs sports as a member of the 2018 Marketing Committee. Renee is also coming up on her one year membership anniversary with a nonprofit called Bloomington Cooperative Living (BCL) which is a local co-op that revolves around a diverse community of people that value affordable housing and sustainable living. More recently, she began volunteering in an Applied Hearing Science lab focused on the area of SPHS known as Auditory Computation. In the past, she has volunteered to work for the following organizations/events and still supports all of their values and missions: IU Recreational Sports JB5K Color Run, IU Independent Council for Women, IUB Habitat For Humanity, Collins LLC Sustainable Food Committee, Wright Quad Sustainability Committee, Mother Hubbard's Cupboard (MHC) Food Pantry, Lotus Blossoms Bazaar Festival, and Bloomington Parks and Recreation (Griffy Lake). Within the next year she will be applying to graduate schools in order to pursue a Ph.D. in an Audiology Program. If given the opportunity, she would like to study abroad and expand her education in gender studies and/or sustainability in order to become more involved in issues pertaining those topics within her local government. She is passionate about advocating for funding supporting both sports and arts programs as forms of expression and team-building outlets in communities. Studying communication disorders has also increased her dedication to advancing all standards pertaining to the importance of accessibility and inclusion that have significant outcomes for individuals who fall in those categories.

Best Career Blunder

As an RA, her bulletin boards were almost always mysteriously ripped down on the men's floors. However, it most likely wasn't done by her own residents since they actually used to help put them up.

Biggest Challenge

Overall, her biggest challenges as a student have been the following: becoming independent, learning how to balance life with academics, and figuring out how to fund her entire education along with other career goals without any direct financial assistance from family.

Lessons Learned

There shouldn't be any stigma around asking questions or asking for help, even though it can have a negative association with being reliant. Actually using resources or services that your community provides is a way to grow your independence and succeed, so that you can eventually give back to those in need.

Education and Certifications

 Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing Science (SPHS) with a minor in Gerontology.