Giff Reed

Giff Reed

Associate Director

phone: (812) 855-7490


"Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” You have been given a great opportunity in college to learn about who you are and what you are supposed to do for this world. Use the time well, examine your life, and find your place – the world needs what you have to offer."

Giff is a native of Bloomington and loves living in a college town. Following high school Giff moved to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO and, after a successful career in Olympic Style Weightlifting, finished his undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Giff knew that he wanted to work with college students and soon felt it was time to move home. Once back in Bloomington, Giff started a college-aged ministry through the local church while completing his Master of Arts Degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership. His experience in ministry caused his desire to help students realize their potential and goals grow even larger, and that has led him to where he is today. Giff is passionate about working with people, seeing ‘light bulbs’ go on, and Indiana Basketball, but more than those he loves his beautiful wife, Lilly, and two ruggedly handsome sons, Quincy and Abraham.

Best Career Blunder

Washing golfcars at my dad’s office when I was in middle school.

Biggest Challenge

As an extrovert, I had trouble with simply putting the golfcars back where they were supposed to go after washing them. In my mind, it was better to drive them around so they could ‘air dry.’

Lessons Learned

It’s okay to make work fun as long as no one gets hurt.

Education and Certifications

Master of Arts, Spiritual Formation and Leadership, Spring Arbor University
Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs