Sipei Li

Sipei Li

Front Desk Associate


"Good things take time!"

Pei is a dedicated senior majoring in Information Systems and Digital & Social Media Business Applications at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Originally from China, she possesses a diverse background and an international network. She aims to apply her knowledge and acumen in the field of business. Coupled with her strengths in problem solving, drive for success, and passion for technology system, Pei is confident that she will be successful in her career.

Best Career Blunder

I was asked to create a Facebook post about a sale while I was interning at Opportunity House. During the process of grammar checking with my supervisor, I realize I made a mistake by typing "sales of stripe dress" to " sales of strip dress". My supervisor didn't find out but I revised it right after!

Biggest Challenge

Living on a mountain with no electricity and hot water for the whole week.

Lessons Learned

I took a gap semester because I don't know what I wanted to learn in college or what I should do in the future. I was worried this decision may have a negative impact for my school life. However, when I came back to IU, I realized a lot of students my age are lost as well and that taking a gap semester is actually not a big deal. Then I was able to figure out my majors and my career goals. It's never too late to start over!