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Major Choices

Feeling overwhelmed about figuring out your career path?  Wondering how to go about choosing a major? If so, subscribe to the new IU podcast called, Major Choices, a podcast about designing the career you want! Whether you are a first-year student or just months from graduating, career coaches and podcast hosts, Nathan Langfitt and Rachel Gerber, are here to help you explore your options, discover your unique strengths, and reveal what truly motivates you. 

This podcast offers encouraging stories, tangible tips, and expert career advice that you can take away and try—to help you design your own journey ahead and start down a career path that feels right for you. Career advice, in your feed, on the go.  Subscribe to Major Choices Podcast today!

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Rachel Gerber

Rachel knows what it's like to go through multiple career changes as she has followed her passions and leaned into opportunities along the way. She’s been a public school teacher and is a published author, professional speaker, and ordained minister. Through all of these pivots, the common thread is her deep desire to inspire and empower others to design a vocational life that is fulfilling. Although an East Coast girl by birth, she married into the Mid-West and has taken on being a Hoosier with gusto. Throughout it all, her greatest accomplishment is and always will be, being a mama to three incredible boys and a sweet fluffy puppy named Mae.