Choose Your Path

Step Five: Choose Your Path

At the Career Development Center, we have had the privilege of being on the front row to watch and coach you as you have developed your skills, explored who you are, and discovered the endless opportunities ahead of you.

It is now time to choose from more than 550 academic programs to round out your undergraduate experience.  Many of IUB's academic programs are the best around and no matter which program you choose, you will graduate prepared to succeed in your future career. 

Find your next Career Services Office at IU

The Career Development Center is 1 of 13 different career services offices on campus and works primarily with pre-major students. Once you are certified into a school, you will be work with your new career office (see below) on building industry-specific employer relationships to be prepare you for life after graduation.

Watch our campus career services video and read on to learn more about each career services office on campus by seeing which students they serve, weblinks to their jobs portals, and information about how to get in contact with them if you have questions. 

Career Offices at IUB

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