Build Experience

Step Four: Build Experience

Don't get trapped in a career you don't love. In Step 4 of the exploration process, you’ll start acquiring real-world experience in the field you’re most interested in. You’ve already researched careers with our IU Career Guides in Step 3, which means now you can focus on the opportunities that will accelerate your career planning.

Best of all, we classify the work you’ll do in this step as experiential learning—which means you can leverage it as marketable experience on your resume.

Ways to build experience and enhance your resume

IUB Women Rising

The workforce gender equity gap is multifaceted and real. The equity gap adds up to serious opportunity and economic losses over the course of a career lifetime. Learn how career development can help you challenge the status quo, build valuable experience, and advocate for your career.

IUB Women Rising

Employment Information for International Students

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I-9 Documentation

All incoming students intending to work on or off-campus need to bring their acceptable Form I-9 documents with them.

The documents must be unexpired, originals. This means that photocopies and/or scans are not acceptable documents. Students not bringing these required documents cannot fill out an I-9 and will not be allowed to work until they can present the required documents.

Click here to see the list of acceptable documents.

Part-Time Jobs and Internships are waiting for you in myJobs

Get Ready for Your Next Opportunity

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Write a Professional Resume


Tailor a Cover Letter


Prepare for an Interview


Working Wednesdays

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Network to Find a Job

Hoosier Connections

HoosierConnections is a great way to connect with professionals to set up job shadowing opportunities and informational interviews. These help you start building on-the-job experience. Networking with professionals can also lead to internships and other experiences.


Founded in 2003, LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. The Indiana University Bloomington Alumni Group has over 225,000 members. It's a powerful tool and a great place to connect with professionals no matter what you are pursuing.

Informational Interviewing

A 20 minute conversation will result in you learning more about the career field, will help you expand your network of career professionals and possibly lead to other contacts, or even jobs, within the profession.

Informational Interviewing Guide

Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Job Postings

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