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A powerful way to explore majors and careers is to start building hands-on experience in a field related to your interests. Meet with your career coach to learn more about how to gain experience and showcase your marketable skills.

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How can I build experience?

Getting involved with any student organization can help you to gain experience and network with students who have similar interests and goals. Look for the Student Involvement Fair at the beginning of each semester to investigate a variety of options. Keep in mind that you can join most student organizations at any time of the year.

Visit your career coach or to explore the various student groups on campus.

With over 800 student organizations, from the Environmental Law Society to the Sweet Potato Club, you'll be able to find something that you can get excited about at Indiana University. 

Some clubs have clear ties to a possible future careers, yet all of them can help you build transferrable skills. For many student groups, part of their mission is to help members with career development.

Civic engagement focuses on educating students as global citizens. Classes or programs include meaningful civic education and activities for social good, with components of reflection and engagement. The Political and Civic Engagement (PACE) program has more information about this experience.

Start your search for internships as early as your freshman year. Visit your career coach and the Student Employment website to learn more about strategies for finding the perfect internship.

Learn how career development can help you challenge the status quo, build valuable experience, and advocate for your career through IUB Women Rising through CEWIT.

Part-time jobs not only provide a paycheck but also create opportunities to explore career paths. If you haven’t received a work-study award, don’t worry! There are plenty of non-work-study jobs available on and off campus.

Work study is a form of federal financial aid that can be earned through part-time student employment. Learn more about work-study jobs on the Student Employment website.

Practical experience in academic, professional or community settings/agencies/organizations that is part of an academic course.

Some schools at IU emphasize practicums rather than internships. Check out your potential degree map using iGPS to see if this is something you are expected to do. Then, you can contact the school's career services office directly if your degree map includes a practicum in the coursework. 

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Service Learning allows students to help the community, apply what they are learning in the classroom, and gain real-world experience.

Many academic departments and schools include a service-learning component in their curriculum. When registering for classes look for service-learning courses and sections of courses that include a service-learning component. You can also visit your academic advisor or career coach to learn more.

A list of service-learning courses can be found in the Office of the Registrar's Special Course Listings (choose the current semester and then select "Other Special Course Offerings") or through the Engaged Learning Website.

Study abroad experiences are a popular option with students, but did you know they are extremely valuable for developing your future career?

Students often think of study abroad as an opportunity for personal growth and developing a broader global, cultural understanding. These benefits can also help you with your career discernment and development process by immersing you in world languages, global cultures, internships, and strengthening transferable skills in an international context.

If you are considering studying abroad, be sure to meet with an advisor in the Office of Overseas Studies.

Summer is a great time to explore the world of work and build skills that will transfer from one job to another. Doing something fun can be a priority while you gain valuable experience for a few summer months.  

Visit the Student Employment website for more information.

Undergraduate research is a great way to combine academic interests with hands-on experiences.

Many academic departments offer research opportunities to undergraduates. Not only can you gain hands-on experience through research, you can also explore new, creative ideas and investigate real-world problems and issues. It’s a great way to start building experience for your resume.

You can start reading about the fascinating research happening here at News at IU or the Journal of Undergraduate Research, which publishes annually through IU Scholar Works.

Volunteering with an organization you are passionate about can help personalize your time at IU. It is a great way to learn about specific fields and organizations, network with others, and develop skills.

You can visit IU Corps to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the Bloomington community. Volunteering can happen any time. Find something you love to do and get started right away.

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Work on your resume, cover letter, or prep for an interview with your career coach and check out our resources section to help prepare your materials.

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