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Welcome to Indiana University and welcome to the Career Development Center. We cannot wait to be a part of your journey and to support your exploration of all the majors and careers that may be a great fit for you. We know that things are going to be a little bit different this fall, but we're still here for you and we cannot wait to see how you become a part of the community here at IU. We have helped thousands of students start this journey. Every single one special to us, and every one unique. We could tell you all the ways that we help students here at the CDC, but we thought it would be even better for you to hear from some Hoosiers that came before you buy career coach really helped me look at college in a way that benefit the most from my career. And that is, that college is not a straight line. It's an opportunity for you to decipher and figure out what is the you want, what it is that you're good at, what your values are. And for me, my career coach was the person that helped facilitate that experience and that understanding of college. Really you can't lose. It was the best experience that I had for career coach is What are your greatest sources but also one of your best friends because they're always here to help you. I cannot emphasize you guys definitely take use of the career coaches. Some of the things my career coach has helped me with is landing summer internships, perfecting my resume, writing, cover letters. But most of all boosted my confidence. They've laid out all the options for me. I came into IU not knowing what I wanted to do. I was undecided and they helped me get involved with organizations that eventually led me to my major. So to all of the students that I'm talking to, go ahead and schedule a career coach, an appointment's just to introduce yourself, say hi, they love meeting new faces and they will always be there for you no matter what. At first, I felt completely behind my peers in terms of bringing myself and preparing for my professional future outside of college. But my career counselor worked with me to bolster my brand or my social media and my resume and come summer internship, application time. I felt extremely competent. Just a year ago. I didn't know what a career coach even was and now they're vital to my success in graduating. Meeting with your career coach will help you harness that sense of purpose and water into fruition through approaches that build upon your interests, values, and talents. My career coach helped me dream big enough to pursue the short-term goal of getting into an internship with an acceptance rate of 1 tenth of a percent in, I was able to get in. Now imagine how your career coach can help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. I know it might be difficult to get these appointments, start it, and then you might not have an idea of where to begin. But the truth is that just setting up the appointment or even talking to someone about it is a really good first step to figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

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There are so many ways to gain experience. You can consider part-time jobs, internships, volunteering, student organizations, and more! You can also gain experience by building your network and connecting with people working in your field! Check out our informational interview guide or get in contact with your career coach to get some tips on researching careers and gaining experience.

Yes! We are the student employment office at IU. Get connected to your career coach and schedule an appointment today to explore your options and/or work on your resume.

This is our specialty!  Start by checking out our career communities to see what interests you, and then schedule an appointment with your career coach, who will guide you to discover a great fit. You don’t have to figure this out alone!

Career services are offices at IU that provide free personalized coaching and develop employer connections to help students transition between college and the workforce after graduation.  Coaches work with students every step of the way: to identify best fit majors and career paths, build experience, network, and help you land your first professional job! 

The Career Development Center is one of many different undergraduate career services offices on campus and works primarily with pre-major or University Division students. Once you certify into a school, you will work with your new career services office on building industry-specific employer relationships to prepare you for life after graduation.

Each student in University Division has a dedicated career coach. Set up your Handshake account to see your career coach's calendar and set up an appointment. 

First of all, congrats and welcome!  You will receive an email towards the beginning of the semester about meeting with your assigned career coach. It will include all the information you need to know!

If you want to get a head start, check out the career community page to look into major/career options and listen to Major Choices, our podcast that talks about designing a life you want!

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