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Environmental studies encompasses relations among human beings and nature. Students with a major in this field will learn about environmental footprints and the implications they leave in both regional and global landscapes. An individual interested in this field may be interested in studying Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Outdoor Recreation, or Environmental Health. These majors encompass research, real-world application, and nature study.

Designing your major

Your major may be indirectly or directly related to your career choice, and it’s only one of many pieces to finding a good career fit. There are many majors that are related to the environment, including:

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  • Conservation Biologist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Educator
  • Environmental Investigator
  • Environmental Manager
  • Environmental Planner
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Food Bank Manager
  • Forester
  • Geological Technician
  • GIS Specialist
  • Green Building Project Manager
  • Industrial Ecologist
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • Natural Resource Specialist
  • Outdoor Adventure Leader
  • Park Ranger
  • Parks Department Administrator
  • Policy Analyst
  • Recreation Manager
  • Research Scientist
  • Secondary Educator
  • Sustainability Advocate
  • Sustainability Coordinator
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